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“Did my open water diving course here over three days with Roland. It was an amazing experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt very accommodated and safe by the whole staff. Special thanks to Roland for being a great instructor!”

Omar Abdelaziz

“Superb first experience with Roland, hyper pedagogue and attentive. I recommend you with your eyes closed to dive into the seabed with him!”

Agathe Leblanc

“Great experience diving with Gabriel. He had only been there for 2 weeks but was really great and helpful. Explanation was very clear and had a fun time diving in the bay. 55€ for beginners dive which is a good way to try it out.”

Kane Mitchell

“I highly recomment going on a diving tour with the meltemi divers. My friend and I were out on two boat dives with Roland and had the best time. He and Karin made us feel really comfortable during all times, explaining everything with great patience and quickly adjusting to our level of skill.”

Katja Jast

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